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Complete Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Achieve your onsite stormwater management goals while increasing water efficiency by supplementing municipal water resources.

For Your Business

The installation of this system demonstrates BRAE’s potential for water conservation and environmental protection in even the most challenging locations.

If you're like us, you're probably already planning your building with water conservation in mind – part of an overall water strategy that may also include dual-flush toilets, low-flow faucets, waterless urinals, and native landscaping.

At BRAE we believe water conservation can be an important balance point in today's green-conscious world. Rainwater saved has a measureable impact on your building’s operational efficiencies, allowing you to meet new mandates as well as your overall sustainability objectives. A site design that includes rainwater harvesting can assist you in gaining LEED certification as well as reflecting positively on your environmental stewardship of water.

Let us help you design your system.

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San Francisco Pier 27

On San Francisco’s celebrated waterfront, Pier 27 now has a new role. On it is the new, ultra-modern landmark: the James R. Herman cruise ship terminal.

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What is the difference between rainwater and graywater?

We specialize in the supply of rainwater systems, which utilize rainwater collected from the roof area of the building. Graywater is not to be confused with rainwater and usually refers to water collected from the bath/shower, hand basin and washing machine.

Are water companies supporting the work that you are doing to protect the environment?

Water companies are as concerned as the rest of us about the amount of water needed by our increasing population and are supportive of any measures introduced to reduce the increasing need for water resources. BRAE Complete Rainwater Systems not only assist water utilities by promoting water conservation, but also reduce storm water entering the treatment plants, which reduces the costs upon the utilities for processing storm water.

Can BRAE help my company gain environmental certifications and support our environmental policy?

Yes, water conservation has a big part to play in supporting your company policy to reduce water consumption. Many companies are aiming to achieve LEED Certification, administered by the US Green Building Council and implementing a BRAE Complete Rainwater System can help you to achieve the water efficiency goals this certification supports.


Water Facts

Water in the early morning or evening. If you sprinkle your lawn under the hot midday sun, you’ll lose as much as 30% of your water to evaporation.